Morninglory Farm

Morninglory Farm’s 50th Anniversary

Morninglory celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 with two events!

One was on March 30, 2019 (poster below) and there was a reunion event in the summer for alumni of Morninglory.

Morninglory Farm 50th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate! March 30, 2019 • Killaloe Lion’s Hall

On the cusp of Morninglory Farm’s 50th anniversary, we are hosting a Celebration of the Back to the Land Movement in the Killaloe Area. It’ll be on March 30, 2019, at the Lion’s Hall.

$15 at the door -or- $10 in advance. Children 16 and under free.
Tickets available at Grandma’s Pantry and Garth’s Kitchen, both in Killaloe.
Or… pay ahead for an e-ticket by e-transfer by emailing, until March 29.
Children 16 and under are free of charge.

The enduring and thriving of Morninglory would not be without the support of fellow back-to-the-land-ers over the years in the neighbourhood, thus we are celebrating all these people, living, dead, nearby, and recently or long ago departed from the area! In the spirit of community and cooperation, this event will also be a neighborhood collaboration. Not only were our fellow back-to-the-land neighbours helpful with each other and the movement, also the locals—the pioneer families who originally settled here from Europe—were incredibly helpful to many of us who came with very little off-grid and farming skills or tools, or rural winter experience.

We are seeking people who’d like to contribute to the event by playing music, sharing stories, bringing press clippings and photos, and… well, we’re all ears! Let us know if you have other ideas to bring to the event.

We acknowledge that we are all on unceded Algonquin territory here in Renfrew County, and we are grateful for the First Nations Peoples’ good care of this beautiful land for centuries, setting an example of responsible, respectful and caring land and wildlife stewardship, that we are endeavouring to learn from, and we urge the completion of fair land claim settlements with the First Nations Peoples all across Canada.


If you’re interested in playing a song/tune or two let us know. Songs about nature, about the local area, closely or loosely related to the theme of the evening, it’s all good… Tell John if you want to perform:

If you are looking for other musicians to collaborate with, let us know too. Right now, clarinet/harmonica/accordion fiddle/accordion and flute are available to collaborate with. If you play an instrument and would like to be included in a list to be available to collaborate with someone else’s performance, let us know too. Once we have an idea of who’s coming, will send out a list so you all know who’s available.


Have a story about the back to the land movement to share out loud from the stage? Please also let us know! It’ll help us prepare the schedule.

And we’re welcoming all to bring photos, press clippings, printed stories, etc. to the event for displays.

Thanks in advance for your contributions! This’ll be a fun community celebration with all your help.